What is the difference between linoleum and Marmoleum flooring?

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Marmoleum flooring is a brand of linoleum produced by the company Swiss Forgo Group. Offers vivid colors and artificial finishes rekindled popularity in linoleum, which is probably the most ecological and healthy flooring available, according to the magazine “Living Green”.

  1. History

The linoleum was first produced in England in 1860 and became a standard option for flooring kitchens and bathrooms. Although it is easy to clean and resistant to water, lost its appeal in the 1960s and 70s when most stylish vinyl flooring reached the market.

  1. Manufacture

The manufacturing Marmoleum flooring employs the same techniques of production of the original linoleum floors. No toxin is used in the process and no volatile chemical is released.

  1. Composition

As linoleum, the composition of Marmoleum flooring is completely natural. Mainly composed of linseed oil, it also contains natural pigments, wood by-products produced and sustainably jute fabric.

  1. Installation

Nontoxic adhesives are used to install Marmoleum and they are available in various sheets, rolls and tiles. As the material is fully dyed, the colors retain their vividness and resist fading.

  1. Benefits to health

Marmoleum flooring has the same hygienic benefits of linoleum. Constant due to oxidation of linseed oil, it is natural antibacterial properties which inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, the magazine “Living Green”.

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