Types of skylight ridge vents

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Owners can choose from a variety of roof ventilation systems, depending on their individual needs and home design. Ridge vents skylights are one of the most effective non-mechanical methods of air circulation available today. These openings may be incorporated in new house plants or added to existing structures.

  1. Benefits

Add the ridge vents remove hot air from the attic, keeping your home cooler in the summer. Also, avoid the buildup of damaging moisture during the cold weather months. Projects further provide ventilation louver along the whole edge of the roof. These types of openings produce a greater volume of flow per square foot than other fixed ventilation systems. Louvers contain no moving parts or motors, thus requiring little or no maintenance. Unlike other ventilation systems home accompanying discrete openings in the roof ridge, which makes them virtually undetectable soil.

  1. Role

The installation of the air passages begins by removing a small portion of the ridge of the roof over the entire length of the house. The ridge vents are installed directly over the opening. The construction of louvers directs the air into the hole, creating an area of negative pressure. The negative pressure draws air upwards, reducing heat, cold or moisture from the attic space. An increase in the outside wind speed can also accelerate the hot air and extracting moisture at a higher rate.

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