Shaker cabinets style decorating with country decor

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shaker cabinets

Shaker cabinets style is usually made ​​of wood and come in various sizes and styles. In Shaker communities, people used the boxes as storage for everything: the pantry for food, workshop for wooden parts, and in the sewing room for sewing material. Shaker style boxes have unlimited uses. Incorporate cabinets in home decor, in an urban environment or country.


  1. Paint cabinet of Shaker cabinets style to match your decor. Common colors used in country decor are blue, red, forest green and brown. You can use craft paint or spray paint.
  2. Lightly sand around the edges with a thin piece of sandpaper for a rough visual. This step is optional.
  3. Apply two or three drops of hot glue on the outside center of the lid and glue a small crochet doily on the cover. It will give the cabinet a soft, looks romantic and is appropriate for a formal country environment.
  4. Turn the Shaker cabinets into a vase or planter. Fill the cabinet with moss or shredded paper and place some silk ivy stems in the center. Use enough stems to make it complete. Ivy gives a visual box country. If you want to wrap a piece of ribbon around the box and tie it with a bow.
  5. Cut out some country motifs such as cows, chickens or roosters from catalogs or gift paper.

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