Oak cabinets and walnut

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Choose a material for a closet is difficult for many homeowners due to the multitude of options, ranging from natural wood veneer. Natural wood is one of the most popular, especially oak or walnut options. Many homeowners choose these hardwoods for their durability, versatility and unique appearance. Oak cabinets and walnut have specific qualities that allow them to be used in any room of the house.


Since both are considered hardwoods, walnut and oak cabinets have high durability. White oak absorbs less moisture and liquids than red for its less porous nature, being slightly more durable than red oak. Red is also lighter and less dense than white. The walnut has strength, density and greater weight than oak. It is the most durable wood from the USA.


Generally, wood cabinets cost more than others, and the national timber costs less than imported. The red oak cabinets white oak costs more because it is considered a timber first. The walnut costs less than red oak, white oak but more than that, since it is considered better about it. The cost of the types of cabinet also depends on the style and size.

We invite you to look at our 10 oak cabinets in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

16 Photos of the Oak cabinets and walnut

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