Like locking folding doors

Posted On: August 19, 2015 - By admin

Folding doors are often used for closets and pantries. They are the solution for space-folding doors which should have much free space economy. These ports are available on single units or in pairs, and are often left unlocked. Some home owners choose to lock them in, to prevent children or others from accessing content behind the door. If you need a simple child-resistant lock or a more reliable solution, there are several ways to lock the folding doors using basic tools and equipment.


Trances pin or padlock

  1. Use latches at the top of each port unit to add additional security.
  2. Cutting part of the shoe or jacket port using a saw, as required accommodating the pin latches.
  3. Place an articulated between the two parts of the double door closing. These locks are used to generate more security padlocks. A hook portion is placed on a drive of the door and the other part is placed on the front of the other drive.
  4. Use a padlock to protect unique folding doors. Install a bolt so that a portion is on one side of the folding section and the other portion is the remaining side. Sealing must cover the portion that folds. Place the lock through the latch to keep the door closed.

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