Ideas for storing wall using louvered doors

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louvered doors interior

The living room usually serves as the center of activities of a home and should house everything from pool tables to bookcases. Create more storage space in this environment, often disorganized, using louvered doors with shutters to close the unused spaces. The shutter doors allow air flow, reducing the evil-smelling and mold in closed spaces. The louver can be mobile or fixed, but both attract dust on horizontal surfaces. Clean regularly using a damp battens or the lower part of the vacuum cleaner cloth.


A wall cabinets with shallow, each with closed louvered doors with blinds, it gives the living a clean and uniform look room. Install shelves in closets for storing board games, CDs, DVDs, electronics, linens and other items commonly used in that part of the house.

Leave one or two closets with empty to accommodate large, bulky items such as a vacuum cleaner or ski racks. Hang a man for clothes in one of the closets to provide extra space and store clothes that are out of season, formal or bulky coats. Paint the doors with shutters the same color as the rest of the walls for a softer look, or paint them the same color as the room. The fresh white is a classic color used for louvered doors, and combines with a variety of other colors.

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