How to update the cabinet’s shaker kitchens style

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Shaker kitchens style furniture references the historically important made ​​by the Shakers. She was known for his simplicity of style and design, and focuses more on function than form. The shaker style was associated with the Arts and Crafts movement in architecture, which emphasized natural woods and organic forms. This resulted in similar joinery of the Shaker being incorporated in many bungalows from the early 1900s Create a visual shaker kitchens in a cupboard is a simple way to upgrade to a nicer profile, without losing the simplicity.


  1. Remove the cabinet door and remove all accessories.
  2. Sand the front and side edges of the door to removed the existing finish. Measure the width of the doors and cut two pieces wood of this length boards with the saw bench.
  3. Measure the distance between the two vertical slats attached. Cut two more pieces of what remained of the boards in length. Place the first piece vertically on the left side and the second on the right.
  4. Apply a bead of carpenter’s glue on the back of each strip and press back in the position you previously tested.
  5. Remove the fasteners. Repair any cracks or holes and clean with a spatula. Wait 30 minutes for the repair to dry, and then sand the door softly.

We invite you to look at our 12 update for cabinets shaker kitchens in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

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