How to sew by hand drapery panels

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Pleated blinds are commonly used on windows finishes formal or semi formal. Pleats add texture to the fabric without adding much bulk. Drapery panels can be made ​​from almost any fabric, but the heaviest hang evenly in pleats that light cottons. Make curtains with pleated folds is an economical option because it is not necessary to buy tape to make the folds.

Directions for Make the folds

  1. Measure 5 inches from the inside edge of the drapery panels and place a pin.
  2. Measure the back of the curtain rod from the outer edge of the fabric and place a pin that extent.
  3. Select an area of ​​the center fold of the first two pins by placing two pins on the width of the crease.
  4. Continue adding pleats.
  5. Mark the seam line of each pair of pins with chalk; the pair join hands with averse sides of the fabric touching. The line where the pins touch is your stitch line.
  6. Ensure that the central hinge of the fold is straight before you start sewing.
  7. Sew the chalk line for 10 cm, making sure that the line remains straight. Make a point of locking stitch at the beginning and one at the end.
  8. Pinch the folds dividing the large crease you just made three small.
  9. Pinch the edge of the fold and push back the stitched line by using your thumb and forefinger. This creates three folds centered on a stitched line. All should have equal depth.
  10. Press the pleats together at the base of the crease at the top of the drapery panels to get well defined creases.
  11. Sew the bottom edge along the fold.
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