How to mount a folding mattress for visits

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Because you never know when your aunt will appear without warning, it is always recommended to have a folding mattress for visitors. There are three basic types of these beds, and all are very easy to store and assemble. In fact, your aunt may be comfortably in just a few minutes, no matter what type of bed you have to offer visitors.


  1. If you have a bed of a bend, it must be spread in the center of the structure by folding in half so as to remain supported on their supports which usually have wheels for moving the bed while closed.
  2. If you have a folding mattress camp, put the bed where you want to deploy the legs. First, turn the beds upside down and in the center. Pull the legs off the right leg to the right and the left leg to the left. Turn the bed again and she is ready to be used.
  3. If you have a mattress inflatable, find a clean, flat place where you can unfold it completely. An unfolded again, fit the air pump to the thread on the mattress in order to inflate it. This can take between five and 30 minutes, depending on the make and model of the folding mattress.
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