How to cut rounded edges for poker tables

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To really enjoy a game of poker, having the right equipment is a must. The poker tables quality can increase the pleasure you and your friends experience when they play. These tables can be quite expensive if bought from a furniture maker, but you can save money by building one themselves. One of the most difficult aspects of the construction of the circular table is to cut the rounded shape from a piece of wood. Most cutting devices just cut straight instead of curved lines, but with a few careful steps you can create a perfectly cut circular poker tables.


  1. Measure and find the spot that will be the center of the table.
  2. Tie a piece of string tightly around the nail or thumbtack. After deciding the size of your table radius, measure the distance along the rope and tie a pencil on the string at that point.
  3. Align the piece of wood tangent to the circle. (Tangent is a straight line that touches the outside of the circle, but the cross). Use the pencil to draw a line tangent to the circle. Continue drawing tangent lines around the circle.
  4. Place the wood on the workbench or sawhorses. Cut along the tangent lines with the circular saw.
  5. Remove the nail bed bug or the center of the circle is now completed.

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