How to choose a hardwood floor to compliment cherry cabinets

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Cherry cabinets – The cherry is a premium type timber used in joinery, furniture, veneer, thin pipes and wooden panels. The wood tends slightly to the darker shades of red. The color intensity of the cherry increases due to the time and exposure to light, a color deepening for wine over time. Cherry wood cabinets can be combined with a multitude of wood flooring that will show or highlight your cabinets materials.


First steps

  1. Consider the fact that the cherry cabinets wood will darken with time. Newly manufactured cabinets will suffer incidence of warm light, but with time, adhere to a mahogany tone.
  2. See samples of wood floors and consider the color of the cherry cabinets as well as the color of appliances and kitchen walls, window treatments, ceiling, available light and decoration.
  3. Select a coating for wood that will highlight the beauty of your cabinets.
  4. Choose your decorating style. Warm and light wooden floors such as oak, beech, walnut or pecan are ideal for a casual kitchen. Darker woods such as Brazilian cherry cabinets wood or other exotic species, if present well in a formal setting.
  5. Choose a pre-finished, durable, stain resistant and top quality material that will resist moisture, leaks and intense movement.

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