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Tulip table – Create floral arrangements with tulips is easy and brings a beautiful effect on your table. With the set of colors and robust cables, they are the favorite to work with. A curiosity about the tulips is the only flowers that are able to continue growing after being cut. Follow a few basic steps will ensure that your arrangement stays cool and give a highlight of color to your decor tulip table or your dining table.


Mounting arrangement

  1. Cut the cable at an angle that favors the flower to absorb better the water.
  2. Pierce the neck of each tulip to stop the growth process in the array. Use a secure pin and insert the wire 1 cm below the flower.
  3. Fill jars with about 3/4 of cold water. Place nitrate or additive to cut flowers to keep them longer.
  4. Remove any foliage that cables would be under water. The leaves will rot in water and leave it cloudy, which will leave unsightly arrangement of the vessel is transparent.
  5. Measure the flowers in the jars to see the height to cut them. For a professional look, place the tallest flowers in the middle and lowest around, bypassing the mouth of the vase.
  6. Wrap a piece of raffia twice the pitcher. Tie.

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