Etiquette to get a breakfast tables

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Breakfast tables – The rules of etiquette to table fell into disuse in our modern society. However, a well placed table provides an elegant and sophisticated air in fine dining and formal events. Add a touch of class to the love and care that you have to prepare a beautiful table for breakfast.

Preparing the table

Before you begin to put utensils on the table, prepare the location where it is installed. According to the book of Catherine Esther Beecher, “Miss Beecher’s Housekeeper and Health keeper” (“Care at Home and On the Health of Miss Beecher” in free translation), the breakfast tables must be aligned with the walls of room and placed on a mat, which must also be aligned with the room. Put a tablecloth lined with mobile.

Tea Tray

If you plan to serve tea during the meal, place a tray of tea on the breakfast tables. Line the dish with the table and place the cups and saucers in front of the tray for easy access to utensils. Place other items in the table as the sugar bowl, the pot of cream and a bowl to deposit used pouches, behind the other items on the tray. Place a spoonful of sugar on the sugar.

14 Photos of the Etiquette to get a breakfast tables

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