Bathroom fittings for the disabled

Posted On: August 12, 2015 - By admin

The bathroom fittings in most homes are designed for healthy people. However, it is important that family members with disabilities have accessories within these bathrooms to accommodate his disability.

Doors and floor space

The doors and the physical space of the bathroom fittings should be large enough to accommodate people in chairs and wheel with walkers or crutches. This will increase the mobility of people with disabilities, as well as lessen the chance of tripping or falling.


To help a disabled person in the bath, a bench, chair of safety and a handheld showerhead can be installed. The person will be able to slide up the bench and then position you on the chair in the bathtub. This eliminates painful or odd movements when washing. A handheld showerhead will bathe and rinse easily. A handrail can be installed on the side of the tub to make it easier for the disabled person out safely without slipping.


The bathroom fittings sink should be at a level that is accessible to people with disabilities. In order to further facilitate its use, can be fitted a tap which can be removed from the support. The bathroom mirror should be at an angle that allows the patient to see themselves safely and without pain.

13 Photos of the Bathroom fittings for the disabled

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